Why did my earnings disappear from YouTube analytics?




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    Salta NinetyOne

    Hi please send me another invitation to my YouTube dashboard to join your network! I include the confirmation text I received from AdSense: AdSense customer ID: 2956330514 | Payments profile ID: 8024-7401-2401

    My channel url https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6PPIp8SSMlTEnFy_UXFRg

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    Abdul kaium

    hi I got approved my channel for monetization from 11th July. my last 28 days revenue was $7.97 but today's morning I saw it reduced and became $6.46 & its appearing that 29th july revenue 0. ok fine but after 5-6 hours its appearing my revenue is $5.4 & 25-29 july revenue is 0. Why its happening?

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